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Manage Stress for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Better Relationships at Stress Relief Services in Monmouth County, New Jersey


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

- Robert Frost

You may not realize the stress-effect on your nervous system from overhearing the morning news of global instability or terrorism warnings as you grab your coffee to head out the door. You may already be dealing with a problem at work, an unresolved relationship issue, chronic pain, a medical condition, academic pressures, grief and loss, anger and irritability, or worry and sleeplessness about keeping up with the fast pace of modern life.  Our nervous systems are built to respond to a challenge and then recovery, but if a problem or problems are unrelenting and unresolved then they can start to interfere with our physical and emotional health.


Can you ask yourself, “What kind of job is your nervous system doing in handling and resolving stress?’ Your nervous system is integrated into your mind and body through nerve cells. Together with the endocrine system, which secretes hormones, it is responsible for communicating every thought, action, or emotion. It is responsible for maintaining balance within your system.  When your nervous system becomes overwhelmed, with little or no option for recovery, symptoms can develop in the mind and body. Underlying stress can start to play out as a headache, gastrointestinal problems, blood pressure rising, a running mind at night, sweaty palms, cold extremities, heart palpitations, irritability, nagging back pain, bad mood, anxiety and panic.


If left untreated, stress disorders can affect the course of your life.  Although, some people rely on medication to address stress-related symptoms. Others would seek to utilize a more natural approach, seeking to reduce reliance on medication. Addressing the underlying stress of the whole person can serve to correct the original dysfunction and eliminate or reduce the need for medication. 


If you or your doctor have recognized symptoms that are stress-related, the good news is that at Stress Relief Services you can learn effective techniques to regulate your nervous system, thereby allowing your mind and body to recover and heal.  All the while, moving toward a better ability to react to some of life’s pretty tough challenges.


Take some time – Invest in yourself


Learning stress-reduction techniques can be a relaxing and rewarding experience. The reward is learning about yourself and how your body can function to be more resilient. Come experience a combination of biofeedback, mindfulness and psychotherapy that is customized to your needs. In a course of biofeedback therapy, a person sits quietly observing a computer screen showing readings of their own skin temperature, nervous system function, heart rate, respiration, and muscle tension levels. With this information and with guidance from mindfulness techniques and the therapist, a person will start to see how their body and mind function together in real time. They will learn to change their reactions to reduce physical symptoms and move toward a more resilient and healthy way of being. This is the art and science of stress reduction with biofeedback: creating a fitness to handle stress and the wisdom of knowing how to recover quickly to be your best self. Take some time to notice and think about how your surroundings affect your physiology and thus your well-being.  Taking a biopsychosocial approach to your healthcare can relieve stress, reduce pain, enhance physiological and emotional functioning, and can even enhance connections with others. 


Not to worry – the office has a convenient location in Monmouth County, soft chairs, and a warm inviting atmosphere, with a well-experienced, licensed, board certified therapist. Treatment is customized for comfort and communication with your medical personnel is available. If you are seeking a natural non-drug approach to symptom reduction, this form of treatment could be very valuable. In some cases, this approach can be integrated into an existing medical /pharmacological protocol.

Please call the office for an appointment to turn over a new leaf in how you deal with stress and move toward greater wellness. We hope to see you soon. 

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