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Treatment in Monmouth County NJ

Biofeedback Therapy
Biofeedback Therapy at Stress Relief Services in Monmouth County, NJ is a mind-body therapy using electronic instruments and gently-placed body sensors to help individuals gain awareness and control over their body functioning. A person will see numbers and pictures on the computer screen representing how their body is functioning and learn to change the readings on their own toward greater health and well-being. This new way of being can then be integrated into a healthier way of life. 


Individual Counseling

Psychological counseling can address any issues that may be standing in the way of you feeling your best. A humanistic approach emphasizes the importance of each person's unique internal (emotional) experience of the world in achieving self-actualization. Therapy is delivered in a warm, compassionate manner. Sometimes people just need to talk. 


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
A type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thought about the self and the world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behavior patterns or treat mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Every thought we have is encoded in the brain for meaning. Our body will react to every thought we have with an emotion. Once we learn the skills, we can keep our mind and body more calm and up-beat


Relaxation Techniques

There are many relaxation techniques that can be easily learned to help patients cope with stressful situations, chronic pain, or anxiety.  Relaxation is an important way to help decrease the impact of daily stressors on the mind and body, and allow the whole person to experience improved health.  Relaxation techniques: such as; passive suggestion, progressive muscle-tension relaxation, and autogenic training can be used to slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduce the need for oxygen, increase the flow of blood to muscles and organs, and reduce muscle tension.  Health benefits of relaxation include fewer physical symptoms such as headaches and back pain, more controlled temperament, increased energy, improved concentration, greater ability to cope with stressful situations, improved problem-solving capabilities, and more energy to undertake daily activities.

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a process where carefully chosen words and sounds are prerecorded in script form for listening. With eyes gently closed, soothing images are created in the mind so the body can regulate its functioning toward calm and serene. This imagery creates the motivation and guide for the brain to follow to meet personal goals. 

Solution-Focused Therapy

Therapy proceeds with the person being the expert about their own lives. The therapist strives to be the expert at exploring the client's frame of reference and identifying those perceptions that the client can use to create a more satisfying life. The past is not an issue and focus is on building a better future.

Stress Management

A set of skills that enable a person to anticipate, prevent, manage, and recover from wear and tear bought on by perceived threats and coping deficiencies. Stress competency skills focus on stress fitness, accurate perceptions, and learning coping resources.  

Mindfulness Skills

Mindfulness is the precise of cultivating non-judgmental awareness in day-to-day life. Mindfulness skills are incorporated into treatment to teach you simple profound practices that can decrease suffering and bring you greater balance and peace. You will find that these tools will help you maximize your life and experience, even in the midst of stress, pain, and illness.


A 30 minute FREE consultation is offered to answer questions and determine whether a good fit exists between us to meet our established goals.

  • It is understood that some people need treatment, but can not meet the hourly rate. If there is open time in the schedule, a sliding scale will be provided for a limited number of time slots. Please bring this to my attention.

  • The protection of your health information is of utmost importance. It is completely confidential unless there is your written consent to share with another professional or insurance company on your behalf. However, if there is evidence of child or elder abuse, or there is a threat to self or others, there is a duty to break confidentiality and warn others involved. 

  • Please bring with you a medical doctor's diagnosis and recommendation for treatment if you are seeking biofeedback for a medical condition such as headache, hypertension, or gastrointestinal disorder.

  •  Currently, insurance is not accepted. A bill may be prepared that you may send to your carrier for possible reimbursement

  • Everyone's time is important. If an appointment cancelation is required, please notify the Office by phone or email 24 hours in advance.

  • It is an honor to be able to work with every person that seeks help from stress, pain and chronic illness. 

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